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Baierlein Thermal Physics Solutions . 1 Pdf




and if he doesn't pay attention to the binder he will be surprised what could happen, I said: "In a brief time he will reach such a high temperature that everything will go crazy and come to an end." He agreed, and as we were talking about the future and the probability of our research he looked tired. I was sure that if I had this kind of impression I was one of the luckiest people in the world. The Nobel Prize has always been a dream of mine. I had met many Nobel Prize winners in my life. Moreover, I had known professors and professors, who were cited in dozens of scientific works for the ideas they had elaborated. Moreover, many of them were also my friends. However, in those days people's consideration about scientists was very different than it is today. People considered scientists, as people who were not accustomed to live in their environment and had a capacity for knowing everything. Of course, we had a different opinion. We knew that scientists were simply like people. They liked to eat, they liked to drink, they liked to talk with their family, their friends, their children and others. Scientific work meant an intellectual, well organized activity. For example, if you had a clear view about the topics you have to think. You have to form all the necessary methods, literature, appropriate tools and machines, etc. Also, you have to apply your knowledge to the scientific task, which you have defined. Besides, some people think that one of the hardest tasks of the scientist is to work hard. The truth is that the hardest task for a scientist is not to work, but to stop working. I was one of those scientists. The department of theoretical physics is a department like any other. They had almost no structures. That is why our laboratory was completely individual. Every researcher was independent and free to do what he wanted. People gave me as much work as I wanted, and I made them aware of my ideas. Many years had passed and I had been a professor in my country. Now, I had been there for 5 years, and I felt free. The head of the laboratory was a good friend of mine, we had worked on the same research for almost 30 years. Nevertheless, it was not that I liked to do experiments. I used to like to think about the physics problems. This time I had the opportunity to work with another experimental group. This group was more like a collective. The laboratory started to work better than the previous one. We had not only the professor,



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Baierlein Thermal Physics Solutions . 1 Pdf

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